Tips and tricks for making parenting FUN again!

Tips and tricks for making parenting FUN again!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Pack Snacks for a Road Trip

I call it "Snacktopia".

It's road trip season, and that means it's time to think about road trip snacks. There are all sorts of posts out there about what to pack, but what about HOW to pack them?

Last month I delved into the world of decluttering and organizing using the KonMari method. While reading the book, I never thought I would apply it to road trips, but as I started working to organize the snacks I'd acquired for our 12-hour drive to Florida, the methods I'd been practicing just seemed to come naturally to the process, and this was the result:

Here is what is so great about this:

1. I used stuff I already had- no fancy organizers here! Most items stayed in their own containers, plus some help in the way of a big soda cup for the peanut butter cups, a small cup for hard candies, and a large cardboard box to contain it all. 

2. Lots of food in a small space- My goal was to give each item the smallest "footprint" possible so that they would all fit into this box, which would fit on the floor just in front of the center console under the dashboard in our van. Think New York City made with food. That's 10 different snacks in a single square foot.

3. Easily transportable- I loved that when we arrived at our destination, getting the food into our villa required picking up and moving a single box, and we could just place the items in the pantry the same way we would at home because they each still had their own individual containers. 

4. Everything is visible and reachable, which is essential when you're driving! Sometimes you're just not sure what you're in the mood for, and with this method you can see everything you've packed at a glance and grab it with no problem. I used a similar method for our cooler (that's where all the healthy snacks were...yeah...). 

Before we left, I gave each of the kids a gallon ziplock bag with their name on it. I let them choose 4 snacks to tide them over for the first leg of our trip. As the trip went on, I let them replenish their bags from the Snacktopia at rest stops. The hardest part was them choosing what they wanted! Having it all in sight allowed them to easily pick and choose- no digging or shuffling required! When my husband drove and wanted a snack, I could easily reach down and grab it and hand it to him, and he could do the same for me. Even as the snacks ran low, the "structure" of the Snacktopia remained intact, which meant we didn't have to worry about stuff sliding around or getting lost. Everything still had its own compartment, so everything stayed organized and accessible.

Next time you're ready to go road-tripping, try making your own Snacktopia. It's actually kind of fun to do- like a big jigsaw puzzle!

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