Tips and tricks for making parenting FUN again!

Tips and tricks for making parenting FUN again!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Coupons

Do you need a fun, free, last-minute Valentines Day gift for your kids? Make love coupons!! I made these for my kids for Christmas, and they were one of their favorite Christmas gifts. I kept mine very simple and made each child 5 coupons:

- 2 Free Room Cleaning coupons
- 2 Extra Treat coupons
- 1 Free Playroom Cleaning coupon

Whenever a child was asked to clean their room or the playroom, they could choose to use one of their coupons instead! The treat coupons are for whenever they want an unscheduled treat during the day or if we're having something for dinner that they just can't bring themselves to eat, then the coupon allows them to still get a dessert.

Here are a few extra tips for your coupons:
- Print them up on the computer to make them look official!
- Decorate them with stickers just for fun
- Add the child's initial to each of their coupons so they don't get mixed up
- Add an expiration date to make sure they use them!
- Present them in a special envelope that has their name on it. You can even decorate it with more stickers!
- Keep the envelopes in a safe place!
- After the coupon has been redeemed, be sure to tear it up and throw it away- no two-fers!

Do you have anything special planned for your kids for Valentines Day??

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